Deeply moved by the strange alien landscapes of the Antarctic wilderness during his adventure expedition Lars finds himself in steady search of epic images.

The ocean changes you! – The more time you spend on and in the water, the less significant everyday life problems become.

Growing up by the sea and my three-month study as a photographer on the Antarctic expedition ANT-XXIII / 9 on the research vessel Polarstern, I have developed a close relationship with the ocean and his endless horizon. Since then, I try to regularly photograph extraordinary landscapes to confront the viewer with the force of nature and the stark contrast to the everyday urban life. 

Moreover, I see in my photographic work a strong inspiration from science fiction topics like the visual language of Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott or motifs such as the feeling of abandonment and orientation in a suddenly unfamiliar desolate environment. I am looking for designs that stand out from their surroundings as strange or unnatural to reduce them to their minimum form.

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